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Explore the impact of contributions in music, new media, religion and more in a series that offers programs as diverse as the topics they tackle.


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What Does the Conductor Do?

An investigation of the Maestro in celebration of a new music director at the BSO.

Boston Painters, Boston Painted

A look at John Singer Sargent and Childe Hassam - two of Boston's favorite sons.

Travel Writing 101

A workshop approach to turning those travel stories into something more.

American Success Myth on Film in Arts & Culture

Babson professor Julie Levinson will discuss the enduring appeal that success stories exert on our collective imagination and the ways that movies have illuminated the contradictions at the heart of the American idea of success.

Norman Rockwell

The famous painter's expression in the Civil Rights Era

Aaron Copland: American Voice

The works and legacy of the quintessential American composer.

The Art of the Political Cartoon

The life and work of an editorial cartoonist

S' Wonderful

The music and lyrics of George & Ira Gershwin

The American Songbook Series

American popular music of mid-20th Century

Masters of Mass Media

Survey of 20th Century media giants

John Singer Sargent

Boston's claim on its favorite adopted son

Religion Builds An Icon: Boston's Trinity Church

Cultural and architectural history of iconic church

From Grand Central to Union Station

American Railroad history

The Art of Flamenco

History and passion of Flamenco music and dance

Theater as Propaganda?

The Theater of the WPA in 1930's America

Laughing All the Way to the Ballot Box

Election satire on film

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