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Green Topics

Care, stewardship and enjoyment of the the natural environment are the focus of Green Topics.


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Minimal Gardens, Maximum Enjoyment

Downsizing the garden and maintaining the pleasure

Sustainable in the Garden

Understanding & applying sustainable gardening techniques


Botanical Nomenclature Demystified

Making sense of Latin in the garden


Nordic Walking

Nordic walking, described as cross-country skiing without the skis and snow, is the United States' latest exercise phenomenon. Because of that low impact, Nordic walking can be performed by people of all fitness levels.


The National Park Service: American Legacy

The history and future of the National Park Service

Public Space in America

The vision and legacy of Frederick Law Olmstead and the Olmstead Firm

Gardening with the Winter in Mind

Practical tips for winter interest in a northern garden

Impressive Entryways

Tips and best practices for outstanding container gardens

Top Performing Bulbs

More practical advice for gardeners

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