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Politics & Government

Changing as the very nature and volume of political discourse increases and dissipates: Compass Eight's Politics & Government courses analyze and contemplate the impact of policy, elections, rhetoric and social issues and everything that informs political life.


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5:4 The Roberts Court & American Public Policy

Investigation of the politics of the US Supreme Court

Is America Ungovernable?

An investigation of the intractable partisanship at the federal level

Woodrow Wilson & the League of Nations

The Schoolmaster of Politics is considered in his advocacy of the League of Nations

A Woman's Prerogative:  

Women's impact on the 113th Congress

Memo to the President:

Foreign Policy urgencies for the 2nd Obama Administration

Immigration Policy 2013

Is immigration policy reform attainable?

Mount Rushmore: The Wisdom of our Fathers

Legacy of the Mount Rushmore presidencies

The White House & Marble Palace

Interplay between Executive and Judicial Branches

Defining Speeches of the American Century

Seminal Speeches of FDR, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Hilary Rodham Clinton

The Last Lion

Legislative legacy of Edward Kennedy

Women in Social & Political Leadership

Survey of women's political history

The UN at 65

History and future of the United Nations

Groundbreaking Justice

Louis Brandeis, Thurgood Marshall, Sandra Day O'Connor

Defining Speeches of The Kennedy Brothers

JFK, RFK and Edward Kennedy in their own words, defining a generation

Women and the 2012 Election

The tenor and discussion of women's issue in 2012 Presidential election


The impact of diplomacy on political geography

The US Senate: Exclusive Club or Lion's Den?

The colorful history and story of the US Senate

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